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FREE Professional 3D Microblading® Kit

for the first 30 students ($500 value)

•    ©3D Microblading® Eyebrows theory manual

•    Professional rolling makeup case

•    12 custom-designed sheets to practice depth

•    Unlimited printouts of our custom shape & hair pattern practice sheets

•    5 custom synthetic skins for practicing

•    10 Disposable 3D Microblading® tools to do 10 models/clients and start making money!

•    10 Disposable manual shading tools

•    10 Measuring sticks 

•    10 Tray barriers

•    10 Pigment rings

•    10 Pigment cups

•    10 Micro cotton swabs

•    10 Spoolies

•    10 Alcohol pads

•    10 Aftercare ointment

•    Organic pigment/ink

•    2 Numbings

•    MADLUVV brow tool

•    Plastic Wrap

•    Sensitive skin pigment wipes

•    Pigment wipes

•    Golden ratio measuring device

•    Mapping caliper

•    Box for shaping tools

•    10 Brow ruler sticker

•    3D Microblading practice pen tool

•    Variety of needles to try out

•    Mechanical pencil to practice

•    Shaping pencil

•    Shaping pencil sharpener

•    Mapping thread 

•    Twinkle eyebrow razors

•    Microblading practice pencil

•    Aftercare sample

•    Consent form sample

•    Certificate of completion of hours

*** Limited time offer. While supplies last



This accelerated program is great for beginners or artist who previously took inadequate training.

Hands on + FREE online course.

Three certifications.

No experience needed.

  • 3D Microblading™ certification 

  • Microshading certification 

  • Blood-borne Pathogen Certification cost covered for one year to legally work and practice on live models

  • 3D Microblading® professional rolling kit with tools for 10 models/clients to start making your money!

  • Consultation process

  • Microblading & the most popular service combo brow

  • Pressure and depth

  • Mapping and shaping

  • Hair strokes pattern

  • Custom synthetic skin & custom-designed paper to practice depth

  • ​BBP and OSHA compliance standards  to legally  work

  • Work area set up

  • Shadow Master Tech and  work on two live models

  • Photos to start your professional portfolio by our branding expert

  • Direct links for everything we use and 15% off discount codes for supplies

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS Online training covering 2 full procedures ($1500 value). You can rewind and rewatch over and over again..

Microblading Training 1.JPG


  • How to start your business from the ground up. This is how we created our quarter million+ a year business.

  • A simple way to learn different hair stroke patterns and shaping techniques 

  • Microblading and the most popular manual combo brow technique 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification covered for one year so you can legally work in our licensed and insured training facility. Most trainers do not offer this!

  • 4 days in person training

  • Online training covering 2 full procedures ($1500 value) for a limited

  • 1 on 1 attention, not one instructor to every 30-40 students like other training facilities, conferences & work shops

  • 15% off code for supplies. We share all of our unbiased favorites that we use at 3D Microblading™ Eyebrows facility.

  • Marketing and branding tips created by a social media influencer

  • 2 live models supervised by a Master Tech with the hands-on training which most trainers do not offer

  • Photos are taken to start your professional portfolio your branding expert

  • Certified and licensed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration-approved facility. Post secondary education ex# 34973. Check that your potential trainers have clearance/an exemption code to legally teach in California.

  • Lifetime support after completion if a question or difficult client ever arises.



*** Limited time offer. Specials subject to change. No refunds. Credit towards other dates with written notice.

0% interest upon approved credit via PayPal. 

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